1. Right click the speaker icon in your system tray then click on Recording Devices. 2. The sound control panel will open up to the Recording tab. 3. Right click […]

I have been using the Windows 7 Beta ever since it went live and over all I have been pretty impressed with it but lately some interesting bugs have annoyed […]

Since I actively use 3 windows machines I found it a pain to keep my iTunes Music,Play lists,Documents,pictures,Projects, and Videos and such in sync. Then I remembered Microsoft SyncToy from […]

Ever Since going to Vista I was annoyed that my PL2501 based usb link cable would refuse to work. I recently did some searching and found a more updated driver […]

All through time people find way to make music using new sources of samples… sometimes its existing music or home made bits. There are another group of people who use […]