Eee PC bluetooth Speaker

Description: As a experiment I tested using my Asus Eee PC 1000he as Bluetooth audio client for 2nd gen iPod Touch. The same test i’ve tried ever since 3.0 came […]

I got this idea when doing some desk tidying… iPod Touch 2nd  gen, a bunch mints, and a iPod Shuffle clone.

I’ve just recently upgraded my second gen iPod Touch to the newly released iPhone oS 3.0 and over all im finding it to be pretty solid upgrade. The search works […]

All through the product time lines you have lost space on portable media players to formatting.. but the iPhone OS on the iPod Touch/iPhone seems to take space loss too […]

I somehow got my iPod Nanos Radio Remote to work on my iPod Touch… oddly all of the buttons work seemingly including sleep. Now why wont apple allow it to […]