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Google + on iPod Touch and iPad

Google + for iPhone has been released but it only works on the iPhone (3G,3GS, and 4) and leaves the iPod Touch and iPad familys in the dust. All over G+ there has been many complaints about this limitation… so I decided to see if i could get it working on the forbidden devices. If you don’t got the app yet you can download it on iTunes @ Google+ for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS.

First off i was able to install Google + by using i-FunBox from http://www.i-funbox.com/ the application has a option to install ipa files direct without iTunes. I was especting the app to just crash and not run but to my surprise the app ran fine on both iPod Touch and iPad.

Everything worked other than camera functions wich were greyed out on both iPod Touch and iPad (when in framed & 2x mode). I took it farther being my iPad was jailbroken and proceded to run the app using fullforce (force iPhone apps to run at iPad resolution) to see how well it would run. Now this is where it got interesting since it not many iPhone apps properly upscale to the higher resolution.

Here is how the fullforce’d results of running Google + on iPad:

What looks & functions proper

  • Streams
  • Check-in
  • Posting
  • Huddle
  • Circles
  • Post views
  • Photo Lists
  • Photo view
  • Notifications

What doesn’t look or function proper

  • Main screen
  • Photo grids
  • About tab on profiles

What crashes:

  • Tapping the actions (delete,edit, etc) arrow

Packaging Waste

All through time software vendors have played with different packaging. Back in the early days it was just a piece of paper and a floppy disk in a bag… but things have changed in the mean time. Due to modern marketing methods many products have gone on larger bulky wasteful packing. Even worse some of them can lead to cuts and such due to the annoying plastic blister packs but that’s a different storey. My focus here is the large box packages. Some even don’t bother with inner packing to hold the contents yet others use wasteful amounts of plastic or cardboard.

I was recently cleaning and found my box for “Microsoft Plus SuperPack for Windows XP” and I noticed how wasteful its package was since it was just a DVD case held in a plastic form inside the box. Microsoft is just using the larger box to brag about the product when they could have just put the license key on a card into the DVD case and shrink wrapped the DVD case and it would be just as good. I took pics of the package to share with this blog post.

Leave your thoughts on wasteful packages in the comments :)

Plus Super Pack for XP -  Box Front

Plus Super Pack for XP -  Box Back

Plus Super Pack for XP - Box Spine

Plus Super Pack for XP - Box Info View

Plus Super Pack for XP - Inner Packaging

Plus Super Pack for XP - DVD Case Front

Plus Super Pack for XP -  DVD Case Spine

Plus Super Pack for XP - DVD Case Back

Plus Super Pack for XP - Inner Packing Empty

Plus Super Pack for XP - Compare