I was given a review copy of WeekUp from RNS:: a simple to use weekly alarm clock for Palm OS. With my 2nd gen iPod touch’s battery starting to go […]

One of the biggest annoyances I had on my Treo 700p was that the backlight for the keyboard was ALWAYS on…. this is A. noneffective and B. not good for […]

Ever since Palm announced that the Pre would sync with iTunes people thought it was  a great idea… but didn’t think of what apple would do in return. Well in […]

Another of a old camera capture videos I found i had uploaded to Flickr…. this one shows one side of the IR conversation between my PC and Palm Z22 PDA. […]

All through time companys cut costs to make bigger profits… but cost cutting can hurt the consumer as well. For the fun of it I decided to convert canyon.mid (old […]