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Review: ModernMix

Now that customizability of the start screen with Decor8 is possible and you can add start menu with Start8 Stardock has released another application that tackles another one of the so called “annoyances”.


Stardock has released ModernMix to allow you to run modern apps to run in windowed mode which is a great compliment to Start8 which I covered in an older review. While the concept is quite simple the app is great for those for want the Windows 7 feel on 8.

Settings wise it’s quite basic but with what little you can configure it is quite simple. First off you can configure how apps are handled when launched from start screen vs desktop In addition to remembering state. You can also enable a overlay for switching mode, hot key for switching mode and the ability to disabling the flip effect when launching full screen applications. Lastly you can manage the state of full screen apps on the App Settings page.

ModernMix costs $5 and is a must if you like the ModernUI apps but don’t want them full screen.

You can buy your copy @ http://www.stardock.com/products/modernmix/

Adding SATA to XP cd (Bonus of SP3 intigration)

In the modern world of SATA enabled machines reinstalling xp can be hell… This guide will help you integrate sata drivers onto your xp cd.

Note: You will need to have a SP1 enabled cd before you are able to integrate sp3.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any lost files, damaged hardware, or any other damage resulting from the use of this tutorial; back up any important files just in case. Use of this guide is at your own discretion.

1. Get the required items:

  • Windows XP CDRequires a SP 1 or newer cd
  • Drivers you may want to integrate (extract them)

2. Download the tools:

3. Install the tools:

  • Install nLite in any folder of your choicer

4. Intigrate the Service Pack:

  1. Download Windows XP Service Pack 3
  2. Insert XP CD
  3. Open nLite
  4. Press Next button
  5. Click Browse… button and browse to your CD drive
  6. Click OK
  7. Click OK
  8. Browse to your preferred destination for the project (this is where it stores the files it works with)
    If the folder does not exist press the Make New Folder button and name it whatever you want
  9. Let the file copy finish
  10. Click Next button
  11. Click Next button
  12. Select Service Pack button and press Next button
  13. Click Insert button and browse to the Service Pack 3 update you downloaded
  14. Click the Next button
  15. Click Insert button and insert all updates
  16. Click the Next button
  17. Click Yes Button
  18. Wait for the process to finish (This is gonna take a while)
  19. Click Next and click Finish and quit nlite

5. Add SATA drivers:

  1. Re-open nLite
  2. Click Next button
  3. Click Next button
  4. Click Next button
  5. Select Last Session and click Load and wait for it to say Loaded: Last Session
  6. Click Next button
  7. Deactivate Service Pack by clicking on it
  8. Activate Drivers button
  9. Click Next button
  10. Insert your SATA (raid) drivers you want to integrate and click Next
  11. Click Next
  12. Enter disc name in the Label field and click Make ISO button
  13. Browse to where you want to save the iso file and name it and press Save
  14. Test in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to see if your created ISO works
    (its easy to use)
  15. If it didn’t work retry from the start
  16. If it works burn it to CD/DVD