In playing my newly bought copy of Valve’s Portal 2 I spotted various IBM PS/2 386 machines. This goes perfectly with their DOS theme. It looks to be the IBM […]

First let’s start with the history of the technology… Firewire came first in 1995 developed by Apple Inc. It was designed for high speed real-time data transfer and replaced firewire […]

Another late set of posts.. Sorry for being SO late I blame the jailbreak research. Here are the links for: Wednesday, March 18 2009 Y Combinator Demo Day Spring 2009 […]

I recently recived a old IBM Aptiva E 294 and I decided to install FlashBack: Apple Rhapsody DR2 onĀ  it. It didn’t go as planned over all… First off it […]

As part of my Windows 7 I loaded it on my old IBM IntelliStation E Pro. Specs: Cpu: Intel pIII 1ghz Memory: 640mb Hard Drive: 40gb Maxtor Video Card: IBM […]