I’m sure any owner of a iPod, iPhone, or iPad will have seen the “This accessory is not supported by i<Device here>” or “Charging is not supported with this accessory”. […]

All through time eventually companys hit a point of cutting costs to make a bigger profit… but that cost cutting can have major side effects if they take it too […]

I recently recived a old IBM Aptiva E 294 and I decided to install FlashBack: Apple Rhapsody DR2 on  it. It didn’t go as planned over all… First off it […]

As part of my Windows 7 I loaded it on my old IBM IntelliStation E Pro. Specs: Cpu: Intel pIII 1ghz Memory: 640mb Hard Drive: 40gb Maxtor Video Card: IBM […]

There are many people who claim apple hardware is propriatary and closed…. That is far from the truth. In fact even in the PPC days apple was open you could […]