As a continuation of my Windows 7 coverage I present the unboxing pictures from my dad’s copy of Win7 Pro Upgrade (Pre-Order). I would have got it my self when […]

Ever since the launch of the MacBook Air i’ve wanted to be able to use Remote Disc on my 3rd gen MacBook. I hate slot loading optical drives with a […]

There is one thing that annoys me worse than activation… That one thing is how many OEM computer makers DON’T include install/restore discs. So far I got two machines that […]

I can remmeber back to a day when cds were not affordable for the average person let alone cd burners. I never thought id have more cds than floppy disks […]

This guide will help you make a updated custom XP disc… this requires that you have a full XP CD — NOT a restore disc. If you have a restore […]