8 style start

As stated in the previous article the new interface may be a sticking issue for some and due to that there have been efforts to restore the start menu. Stardock’s […]

Take a look at this picture and decide if  it is a real Polaroid picture. Think it over before you scroll down. My Mac Classic For those who thought this […]

At WWDC 2009 Apple announced the release of Safari 4.0 final with a same day release. Here are some of the basic features Top Sites See your favorite websites at […]

Well it is that time again Apple has relased the Safari 4 beta For Mac OS X 10.4/10.5 and Windows XP/Vista (I’m sure it will work in Windows 7 Beta). […]

For the fun of it I ported my dos simulation basic program from applesoft basic to Microsoft Quickbasic for Mac… There are quite a few differences to get over. The […]