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Review: Meenova Mini MicroSD Card Reader for Android

Ever since phone and tablet makers have started including powered USB OTG (Ability to plug in full size USB devices into a phone or tablet). The main use so far has been plugging in flash drives, card readers, keyboards, mice, and game controllers. The issue with this setup for flash drives/card readers was that it was rather bulky.

Bulk Flash Drive
The Meenova project was released on the crowd funding site KickStarter with the goals of selling a compact OTG centric micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card reader back in early 2013.  One key part of the  product was the inclusion of the adapter to use it on your desktop or laptop computer and the ability to carry it on your keyring. Provided you use a fast enough MicroSD/HC/XC card (eg. clas 10) you will get some pretty fast transfer speeds.

Of course having a Android phone is not enough for this to work your phone needs to be on the supported device list. The common supported devices are most Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nexus (except Nexus 4), and many other devices. Also on some devices you may need to use 3rd party software such as Nexus Media Importer, StickMount or  OTG Disk Explorer (Last two requiring your device being rooted).

Over all I’d say Meenova is well worth it if you heavily use your phone or tablet and got limited storage due to no expansion card support or want to have additional storage. It is a real bonus for owners of rooted devices since you can backup/restore your device in addition to install roms from it.
If you are interested check it out at their site http://www.meenova.com.

When is small TOO small?

Over the years the media card formats have shrunk. I can remember when compact flash and smart media were once big (I had a FujiFilm cam that used smart media) and the new formats were expensive/non existent.

With devices shrinking in size there was a need for smaller cards…. but this brings up the question “When is small too small?

When i went to my Palm Treo 700p I had found that my old 512mb sd card was dying… it was cheaper for me to get 2gb MicroSD cards with their included adapters than to get the older SD format. The new cards i got inspired me to to do this photo set that places MicroSD next to many common objects.

Here are the pics :)

iPod USB Connector

When is small TOO small? - iPod USB Connector

On Finger

When is small TOO small? - On Finger

Apple Remote

When is small TOO small? - Apple Remote

AA Battery

When is small TOO small? - AA Battery

iPod Dock connector

When is small TOO small? - iPod Dock connector


When is small TOO small? - Dime

1gb flash drive

When is small TOO small? - 1gb flash drive

Thumb screw

When is small TOO small? - Thumb screw

Card Case

When is small TOO small? - Card Case

Card Reader

When is small TOO small? - Card Reader

Card range

When is small TOO small? - Card range

Headphone mic adapter for Treo

When is small TOO small? - Headphone mic adapter for Treo

Legacy Windows Live Install

When I was young I use to use Windows 3.11 for workgroups on a network. For the fun of it i decided to reinstall my old 486 laptop. The twitter posts below cover all of what i went through in getting it going on that old machine plus some messing around. (Yes this is a twitter centric post).

The Twitter postings are newest first (scroll down to read the older ones)`

Overall it was fun… so much fun I next did simular process in VMware. Watch here for the vmware related post later on.