Sorry for the lack of my personal touch posts… i have been busy working on things that will come to light soon hopefully. I hope mattatobin’s RSS Digest posts have […]

Another late set of posts.. Here are the links for: Saturday, March 21 2009 Chat With CrunchGear at 35K Feet [Update 2] Online Apps Help You Get The Most Out […]

There is one thing that has gotten worse over time… SPAM. Spam in email,forums,blog comments,link backs,web forms,news groups and many other places. Nothing worse than waking up to spam on […]

Sorry for the slowless in updatingthe blog…. been busy lately. In the last while the following has happened: Widget Pack for Mac 1.1 has been released Changed branding style to […]

My categories abuse is now over  :)… What you will now see is my new zen category  setup that i will stick to from now on.  The reason i had […]