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Review: Bulkr Pro

I was given a copy of Bulkr Pro from ClipYourPhotos. The Application is a powerful cross platform (Windows,Mac , Linux) download & backup tool for Flickr users. The feature set varies depending on if you are authenticated to your account or using the public access.

When you first launch the app you are greeted with Connect to Flickr & Search Photos buttons. You can use the app without a account linked for downloading public photos from other users as long as the uploader has allowed downloads.  After you link your account the home tab provides a backup option.

First off let’s get started with the features related to linked account. Starting with backup… you get to choose what size to backup as (All the usual Flickr file sizes), Destination for the backup, and how to handle the metadata (embed in EXIF and/or Save as text file). The backup seemed quite speedy on my collection of 1,706 photos.  With photostream downloads you can search or pick from your most recent uploads.  Selection is as simple as clicking on the pictures you want and a blue checkmark is added. The other options when you hover over the thumbnail for each picture are view larger image in application or view it on Flickr site. Downloading from your sets offers most of the same features as photostream other than search & viewing. The download from photos you have in your favorites falls under the public photo rules.

The search is feature rich and lets you choose the license, search type, and enable/disable save search and works quite well. Downloading from user’s photostream lets you choose from sets in addition to selecting from from the usual grid of thumbnails. Group downloads work as expected from the other download modes. Explore is a cool feature that shows the interesting photos for the day you choose.

Over all this is the best app of its class I’ve used yet but one nagging issue haunts me between all of the Flickr download tools I’ve used to date… The apps can’t tell videos from pictures leaving me to pick through photos and figure out what uploads are videos and which ones aren’t. Despite the minor video issue I’d fully recommend the app.

There is a free version with slightly less features but pro is fully worth it. Pro normally costs $40 but if you act fast you can get it for $29.95.

Grab your copy @ http://clipyourphotos.com/bulkr


WWDC 2009 – Key Points

After watching the video for WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2009  can now do the related blog post.
Over all I feel these were the important things that mattered.

Hardware Refreshes

  • 13″ White Plastic Macbook
    Speed Increase ,New Price
  • 13″ MacBook Pro (Previously MacBook)
    Speed Increase ,New extended life battery (non user replaceable) ,SD card slot, Firewire 800, 500gb max HD, 256gb SSD optional ,Line in jack removed ,joins The pro lineup, New price
  • 15″ MacBook Pro
    Speed Increase ,SD card slot, New extended life battery (non user replaceable) ,Express Card slot removed, 500gb max HD, 256gb SSD optional, New price
  • 17″ MacBook Pro
    Speed Increase ,SD Card slot, 500gb max HD, 256gb SSD optional, New Price
  • MacBook Air
    Speed Increase , 500gb max HD, 256gb SSD optional, New Price

Software Refreshes

  • iPhone OS 3.0
    June 17th launch, Free upgrade for iPhone owners, $9.95 upgrade for iPod Touch owners
  • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
    September launch, $29 upgrade for 10.5 owners, $49 family pack
  • Safari 4
    OS native theme, faster javascript, cover flow for bookmarks and history, easy access to your top sites

New Hardware

  • iPhone 3G S
    Faster, better battery life, voice control, video recording, 3 megapixel camera, auto focus camera

Review: air GOM – GOM player remote control

Catagory: Utilities
Released: Jan 24, 2009
Seller: Joon Don Lee
Version: 1.1
Price: $4.99

Being a long time user of GOM Player i had gotten the light version of this application last year for free as part of a limited time free offer… so when I had money on my iTunes account I jumped at the chance to buy the full version of the app and it was fully worth it. The desktop side server software is simple and to the point but it tends to forget custom port number if you enter one.

Overall the app is pretty good for using GOM player as my media center setup… one annoyance is that they chose to do their own keyboard vs using the built in keyboard that the iphone sdk allows for.

The app is more than worth it if you rely on GOM player on a tv setup… despite how the app looks its a nice all in one slolution that I fully recomend it.

Look at the screenshots below or buy your copy here :)

air GOM Server v1.1
airGOM - Loading
airGOM - Connect
airGOM - Player Controls
airGOM - TouchPad
airGOM - Keyboard