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StreamDesk 1.2 for Windows released

StreamDesk 1.2 for windows has been released… This build marks the start of stable feature packed builds.

New in this build

  • New updated user interface
    • Easy to use menu bar with streams menu (You can still get tree menu for streams via view menu)
    • Replaced info bar with status bar and combined chat menu on left)
    • New icon based on site branding
  • New database update method (Replaces the buggy xml update)
  • Easy access to help via Live Help in Help menu
  • Multi-Window support (Via backend service)
  • Easy control of backend service
  • More Stable
  • Gecko render engine (Same as Firefox)
  • Auto resize between streams (larger & smaller)
  • Update Notifier

Check it out @

A update on StreamDesk

You may all be wondering what happened to StreamDesk 2.0…. to put it simply plans changed. It was decided to continue the 1.x branch in the short term with plans for 2.x in the long term. Earlier in the month I released 1.1.1 of StreamDesk for Windows that added GeekShed IRC to it since many Chris Pirillo viewers complained about the lack of chat, It also restored feeds.

Well when 1.2 is released there will be many changes that are to be announced when it’s released and even more goodies in future versions. This is my commitment to the community… I won’t let you down.

To show good faith here is a screenshot of 1.2 :)

StreamDesk 1.2You may notice it closer resembles my good ol Widget Pack… and that was the inspiration for that ui…. but don’t worry users who love the tree menu can turn it on via view menu :) .

That’s all for now in the StreamDesk department so I better stop before I ramble on.

StreamDesk Mac – Release Packaging change

Edit: The new install method has been released to site… If you want to check it out redownload it (Not new app version).

Over time I have had a few complains over the installer method for release of StreamDesk for mac… Due to that I will be moving to a new release system.

Here are the reasons i’m dropping the installer.

  • Can’t choose where to install to
  • Installer is locked out on some user accounts
  • Some people flat out HATE installers

Anyway here is a sneak peak at the new packaging.

StreamDesk - New packaging


Yes i know this post is abit late…. I kinda forgot to post it when it was news đŸ˜‰

The Widget Pack has now been offically re-branded to StreamDesk… it features the same software applications yu have been using already ( Mac OS X and Windows ). The Applications have also been slightly updated and have some bug fixes.

You can download it at: