Boxee SMB Security Hole

After doing some research on how the Boxee remote system worked i found some urls for doing basic control/info retrieval from the older desktop software/ current software on Boxee box. […]

Just got this… ZoneAlarm Security Suite (1 Year Upgrade) for USD $9.95 (Thats: GBP 9.95, CAD 33.57, AUD 15.00, EUR 9.95). Grab this offer while it lasts. Features Anti-Spam & […]

Ever since the whole RFID system was invented one of the target goals was tracking product point to point… It has gone alot farther now days. These rfid tags are […]

Originally posted at KtecK Blog – Syndicated on October 31, 2005 (My old blog) Skype running HTTP servers on your computer!The other day, my son made an interesting discovery, while […]

Many new users of the Internet are unaware of the dangers of this modern World Wide Web. Often, they’ll use weak information for password resets, using same password on multiple […]