Mac OS X

Valve announced earlier that they were gonna release Half-Life series of games for Mac (1984 Apple ad Parody). Today is the day… as of the time of this post they […]

Steam for Mac is OUT!!!

The mac version of Steam is finally out today months after it was first announced. Portal is the first Valve game to be released as a free download until May […]

Apple Refresh

In preparation for the holidays, Apple did a refresh on almost all of their products that I honestly don’t know where to begin with this blog post. So I’ve decided […]

Over the years the computer mouse has evolved… but for those who wern’t around in the 80’s they won’t know how far its evolved… I recently was given a used […]

In the development of Mac OS 8.2 (Later known as verson 8.5) they added multiple theme support and the developer builds shipped with 3 extra themes… These are the themes […]