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Half-Life series for Mac

Valve announced earlier that they were gonna release Half-Life series of games for Mac (1984 Apple ad Parody). Today is the day… as of the time of this post they aren’t showing in Steam on mac side yet but I was able to trigger the downloads via simple steam:/// urls.

No status on playability but the downloads are trigger-able.

Half-Life series for Mac
(Behind the scenes of the screenshot)

Here are the links:

Half-Life: Blue Shift
Half-Life: Opposing Force
Half-Life 2Install
Half-Life 2: Episode OneInstall
Half-Life 2: Episode TwoInstall

Update: Only seems to cover Half-Life 2 series

Steam for Mac is OUT!!!

The mac version of Steam is finally out today months after it was first announced.

Portal is the first Valve game to be released as a free download until May 24th and a new set of games will be released on subsequent Wednesdays.

The first games will also enable users to get a glimpse of “Steam Play” which will let them buy a game once and play it on both platforms supported by Steam.

The only noticeable difference between the mac and the Windows client is the position of the window controls. Everything else is pretty much the same for both platform clients.

Additional Screenshots (By kteck)

Details View

List View


Apple Refresh

In preparation for the holidays, Apple did a refresh on almost all of their products that I honestly don’t know where to begin with this blog post. So I’ve decided to just give you guys a run down of what Santa Steve (yeah I know it’s lame. get over it.) and his Apple elves have in store for us sheeples.

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Mice – Then and Now

Over the years the computer mouse has evolved… but for those who wern’t around in the 80’s they won’t know how far its evolved… I recently was given a used a Apple IIc that had the Mouse IIc with it. For the fun of it i did a comparison between the Mouse IIc and a Comfort Mouse Optical 3000

Here is the pic:
Mice - Then and Now

As you can see the Apple Mouse IIc is far more boxy compared to the Microsoft Comfort Mouse optical 3000

Mac OS 8.2D8 Beta Themes

In the development of Mac OS 8.2 (Later known as verson 8.5) they added multiple theme support and the developer builds shipped with 3 extra themes… These are the themes that shipped with Mac OS 8.2d8 Beta. Despite how unstable the theme suppport in that build the themes are well done with sounds schemes and all.

I made the screenshots on Mac OS 9.1 on my Performa 6360 but they should work on any Mac with Mac OS 8.5 or newer.

Check out the themes here:

Gizmo in the Zone Gizmo on Curves Gizmo Sounds Gizmo About
In the Zone On Curves Sounds About
Hi-Tech in Perspective Hi-Tech Neon Hi-Tech Sounds Hi-Tech About
In Perspective Neon Sounds About
Drawing Board
Drawing Board on a Grid Drawing Board on Parchment Drawing Board Sounds Drawing Board About
On a Grid Oon Parchment Sounds About

You can download the themes here…