Unboxing / Review: ONTOP Nugget D5

I got a chance get the ONTOP Nugget D5 in thinking it may be a good budget phone based on the demo unit and overall specs…


Of course we know how everything isn’t what it is expected to be and this is no different.
The classic line “You get what you pay for” truly applies as there is many shortcomings to
this device.

In the box you got your typical setup of plastic wrapped sleeve covered box with phone in
sleeve and power supply, USB cable and battery below it so not much more to say here.

Over all it was a ok device and would serve well for a kids first smart phone or a light
users phone but for a power user there is major issues. The main issue is that it uses the
classic android 2.x and older storage configuration with 500mb of app/data storage, 2gb
internal sd and a sd slot that is capable of 32gb.

The storage layout configuration is huge issue since most apps are huge now days for example I ran out of space just installing Google apps to fill the gap left by the lack of them in the system ROM. The camera even tho being 5mp does leave a lot to be desired as it handles light rather badly and the flash makes images rather washed out.

Software wise I also experienced some rather odd software issues with a odd out of memory overlay appearing and apps crashing, some random reboots, and chrome being unusable. Also there is NO Google play support out of the box you got to install a manually triggered ota to install a 5mb update that adds it which isn’t obvious.

While those those issues are pretty major as I said before it is a ok phone for a kid or a
light user but beware there may be other issues that didn’t pop up for me.