First Impressions: Flyne. The Offline Reader

The first thing you see when you run the app.
The first thing you see when you run the app.

Fresh from the mind of the creator of Falcon Pro is the newly released Flyne a offline news reader for android.  This application takes on the wide assortment of news readers available for android but with one interesting twist once refreshed you data connection isn’t required to read the content. Meanwhile this is most likely this is not the first application of its type but it definitely stands out as the as one of the more elegant ones.

Adding content is quite simple out of the box since they provide a curated list of news sources in their Popular Feeds list in addition to the support of Twitter and Feedly. Now the support of Twitter and Feedly will set you back $1.03 CAD or $0.99 USD for a Premium upgrade In-App Purchase which may upset some.

The Reading of feeds once you add some sources (possibly upgrade to premium) is quite simple and gesture based in addition to the classic android hamburger menu on left. Swiping in from left or clicking on the  3 lines (hamburger) button brings up the feed  list and swiping in from the right brings up the article list. Swiping left or right in the content  area goes to next article or back to previous article.

The application has rather basic but decent Settings under the menu icon on the right as well. When it syncs or how much to sync is under the Sync  and Cache settings and you enable night mode or resize the text under Display settings. I’m sure as the app develops over time more settings will be added but thats not a bad start for a new application.

Overall this is a great start for a new app release but there is one thing that i’d say it needs. The Feedly support seems to be import only not sync and that could be a show stopper for many users but since this is a beta there is a chance it may be added.

If you are looking for a new news reader for your android device check out Flyne.

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