A year ago I started my evaluation of to see how it stands it’s ground compared to other sites in its class. When I started out the users were quite low and the global stream was quite easy to follow and it was pay only but things have changed since.

So far the changes I have observed is a larger mass of users that have built up in the last year, more clients that support the platform, and many new features.

The changes that have happened since are as follows:

  • Various layout improvements/setbacks on the alpha site
  • Free accounts (Initially had to be invited by paid user)
  • Private message api
  • File storage api (paid users get 10gb and free users get 500mb)
  • Ability to explore globally shared photos
  • Trending
  • Ability to check in

Expanding on the now standard free accounts early on paid users were given the option to invite friends to a one month trial account. Soon after they changed it so the invited users were non trial limited accounts.  A key part of the invite system that was also added is that if the invited user follows 5 people and uses an client app the person that invited and the invitee get 500gb added to their storage.

Over all the platform has grown quite well and shows signs that it is here to stay.