Review: Decor8

While there is many that aren’t a fan of the new start screen on Windows 8 there is still a large fan base that does like it and Stardock has them covered too on the customization base. While Start8 adds the start menu back with many customization’s Decor8 allows you choose from a wider selection of backgrounds in addition to custom background.

Start Screen with bars visible

Starting off with background settings after you choose your background from the pre included list or your computer you can set a wide variety of settings including what effects are applied to it, how it fills the screen and option to do a slideshow of multiple images just like on the desktop. On the next setting screen you can set the color but what makes this different than windows is that you have choice to use the generic color picker instead of the modern app color set after which you got option to create color scheme based on your color choice. Now the fun comes in with the options section where you can configure the parallax, how many rows are displayed and even have it change the charms bar color based on your selections on previous screens (OH and you can add a clock to start screen). The Lock screen section does look very much like the windows one but it does let you do the slideshow feature just like the start screen section.

Decor8 costs $5 and is well worth your money if you like the Modern UI start screen but wish you could customize it further.

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