iPhone apps on iPad: Stock 2x mode, FullForce, Retinapad

Default 2X ModeOne of the biggest issues for iPad is how iPhone apps are handled. Despite how much push there has been on for developers to make native iPad apps  there is still many mainstream apps that haven’t updated theirs.

Apple built in the 2x mode to make up for it but its key issue is that it upscales lowres 320×480 to the iPad native resolution leaving you with a blurry undesired app. In the jailbroken world there has been two fixes to this.

FullForce – Price: Free
FullForce for iPad Cydia tweak
This  mod allows you to force iPhone apps to run full screen like native iPhone apps but it has one major issue. The mod only works with certain app designs thus often breaks badly on apps that are designed based on fixed size designs.


Retinapad – Price:  $2.99
Retinapad for iPad Cydia tweak

This Mod rather than force scaling which breaks many apps forces iOS to use the iPhone 4 Retina graphics for 2x mode rather than the legacy 320×480 iphone images. Over all this method gives a far more desired outcome for most uses provided the app developer has updated their app for iPhone 4 and above.

As it is now those are the only options for iPhone apps on iPad but give the modders time perhaps they will find a new way that is best of both worlds.

What is your preferred method? Leave a comment below.