First Impressions: Start8

As stated in the previous article the new interface may be a sticking issue for some and due to that there have been efforts to restore the start menu. Stardock’s Sart8 is one of the many solutions and that is the one that will be covered this time.
7 Style StartStart8 restores the start menu you know and love back into 8 but with some extra options. Once installed first thing you notice is a white 8 logo that brings 8 desktop styled start menu. Everything you loved about the menu in 7 is here including the ability traverse through folders using the search box (a must for me). Also if you still want the win8 full screen apps you can still get to them via shortcut that is pinned to the top of the menu by default.

The comfort of being like the 7 start don’t stop there tho since its just as configurable with the same classic options in addition to new stuff. Style wise you can choose the theme for the 7 style or use a 8 style also transparency and color is a option in addition to setting different/custom start button image. Next up in configuration you can enable small icons, highlight new applications, choose what shortcuts that are shown and what style they use and of course whats a 7 style start without ability to set what the default shut down option is (default to Shut Down). Now you can choose what  start style shows up when you click button and key, Either right click or ctrl click of start button can be configured to open 8 start, now the biggest plus in this section is ability disable the hot corners and fully hide the new interface even as far as automatically booting into windows.

If the new Windows 8 changes bother you perhaps Start8 can help you. You can grab your copy for $5 @