Review: WeekUp

I was given a review copy of WeekUp from RNS:: a simple to use weekly alarm clock for Palm OS. With my 2nd gen iPod touch’s battery starting to go down hill using it as my alarm clock was loosing effect but that is now solved.

The application is a simple easy to use weekly alarm clock for Palm OS that lets you set per day of the week wake up time in addition to overriding a days time as per needed. You can also turn off the alarm for certain week/weekend days or fully turn off if needed.

You are given many options to customize including volume, repeat time, and such. For the alarm sound you can choose from Midi Ring Tones, Sampled Ring Tones, and System Midi Sounds.

All in all this app is pretty good alarm clock and has worked when iPod Touch has failed to do so… the Treo 700p’s loud speaker helps with that too.

Grab your copy @ RNS::