Free Windows alternatives to Macheist Nano Bundle

While the Macheist nano bundle is the craze of the web there are still some of us who don’t own a Mac or just plain don’t want to. This list is for the windows users who find the idea of some of the apps appealing but can’t use them due to them being mac only. First off here is the order of the apps in the Macheist bundle:MacJournal, RipIt, Clips, CoverScout, Flow, Tales of Monkey Island, RapidWeaver.

Lets get this started 🙂

  1. KeyNote NF: A great free advanced notebook program that offers you many options.
  2. HandBrake: Great free program for ripping your legally bought dvds… Little known to many yes this is a windows app as well.
  3. YC3: Easy to use free clipboard extender that lets you browse the stored items.
  4. iTunes: Apple provides the ablity to get cover art built right into iTunes… why pay extra.
  5. FileZilla: Great free ftp,sftp & ftp file transfer client.
  6. Scorched3D: Great & fun free game thats based on a classic dos one.
  7. KompoZer + GIMPshop + WebsiteBaker: While this is not one alternative but when combined together they are a powerful combo