AppStore Fail: iBowl Deluxe

When Apple announced they were gonna allow free apps to use in-app purchase I was not impressed. This was for many reasons… firstly crippleware trials, nagware free, and all out lame apps that require you to pay to do anything with it.

Well iBowl from SCN is the first i’ve noticed that has gone down this slippery slope of nagware. In my usual AppStore update check on my iPod Touch I noticed that iBowl was listed… the release notes listed that your high score was now kept and another minor thing. But they failed to mention the following: nagware for deluxe version via in-app purchase EVERY time you launch the app and that it was ad supported in the free mode.

iBowl Fail iBowl Fail

There you see is the nag and the  in-app purchase price… so much for being a enjoyable free game. The nagware style of promotion takes the fun out of a once cool game.  I really hope that SCN sorts this out and makes it a a display once nag.

I’ll keep the updated app on my device for now to give them the benefit of the doubt that they will correct their actions… if they slip further down the slope i’m gonna go back to older version and not promote the game any more.

That’s all for now before I ramble on.