2nd Gen Macbook & Hard Drive Failure

I’ve had a black 2nd gen MacBook since late 2007. When it was new it was a nice machine and I used it as primary machine for months. Soon after it went to being second machine. Later on i found out that a person i know had the hard drive die on hisĀ  I was slightly worried since mine was from same batch/era.

Well… it happened the stock included drive died to a painful clicking sound. It turns out both of our machines were part of a bad batch of hard drives and this failure was bound to happen… Thanks Apple for making me have to rebuild machine from scratch. The drive sat around for a few months before I actually did the AppleCare on it (I Used my own 250gb drive and that one is still going strong) and it was sure BS. I had to be driven to another city two times because Apple doesn’t do mail in repair in Canada…. how lame is that? As soon as i got the machine back i pulled the apple drive and put mine back in.

Anyway here is a picture and video of the dead drive.
Dead Apple 160gb HD