Review: Google Chrome Backup

I was annoyed how Chrome stores the profile in a non standard location making backing it up hard. I did some research and found Google Chrome Backup from Parhelia Tools.

The application has a simple UI but packs lots of features. For those who want a easy way to backup/restore their profile there  is a wizard mode to make it easy. You can also manage multiple profiles using the same tool including adding extra command line parameters. The backup routine is fully customizable you can set the compression rate, protect with a password.

The program comes in 2 versions… a free one and one with unlocked features such as bookmarks export to html and csv, upload your bookmarks to google bookmarks service, and you can also password protect your profile. The great part is the developer has set the price at a reasonable of $5.08 USD. (also in 3.49 € & £3.06).

I use this great app to backup/restore my chrome setup that I use for web testing.

You can download your copy @

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