Rant: The “Made for iPod” Scam

We have all seen the classic “Made for iPod” marking on iPod accessories. There is one major kink in the whole program… when the accessory makers pay into the program they got to put a chip in their devices that allows restrictions to be set. These restrictions could restrict what models what work, if future models are blocked or not… you get the idea.

The whole problem really annoyed me because when I got the iPod speaker dock for my iPod Nano 2nd gen I didn’t know i’d be getting a iPod Touch later on. Later on I find out that it would not charge or allow video out on it usint the speaker dock.

All i got was this:


Sure the whole “Made for iPod” programs helps new users find accessories for their devices but it also rips off long time users by restricting newer devices.

Even apple does this kind of thing on their OWN accessories…. The iPod Radio Remote for the legacy ipod’s won’t work on iPod Touch or iPhone when at it’s roots the remote function is simple and should work (and has once for me). If i could buy a made in china knockoff remote accessory that works on my iPod Touch… that’s quite messed up and is a example of forced obsolescence (a key feature of the Made for iPod program).

Well that’s all on this subject for now….