Post RSS feeds and post to Twitter easily

With FaceBook buying FriendFeed I REFUSE to let them get my data that has been gathered on FF over the last while so i worked out a way to do the feed merge and post to twitter without them. In fact i got the FF account delete link on my desktop ready to press at any time.

Anyway here the guide i worked out and am using the same steps to set up my own.

  1. Gather all your rss feeds you want to merge into one feed
  2. Once you got them go to and drag in “fetch feed” and add all your feeds accordingly
  3. Drag the dot on bottom of fetch feed to the pipe output and save with creative name
  4. When done click run pipe on top
  5. Copy the “Get as rss” url the the clipboard
  6. Go to and click “Create new feed”
  7. Select twitter from list and click “connect your feed to twitter account”
  8. Enter Feed Name and enter feed url you copied from yahoo pipes and click test rss feed
  9. Set Check for new posts to 30 minutes, post up to 5 new updates at a time, and post sorting to guid
  10. Click “Save Feed”
  11. Repeat as need until all your feeds are added.

Note: You got to do OAuth every time but they plan on changing that.

Anyway that worked for me I hope it will work for you 🙂