Review: PocoMail

I was given a free review copy of PocoMail thanks to the folks @ Rose City Software…. PocoMail is a alternative email client for those want something different. It supports pop,imap,rss,and ntp. Years ago I used Courier and before that I used Calypso and enjoyed them… back then the big issue was lack of ssl but flash forward to PocoMail.

The app is highly customizable, has its own script engine for adding functionality, interface that seems to be inspired by outlook 2003 era. Many of the dialog windows/panes can be triggered by hot keys. One thing that was impressive was the wide choice of where to store the applications data files (Chosen at time of application install).

As stated before the previous apps didn’t support ssl which made it a difficult decision to have to move on to other apps when I moved to GMail (SSL is required). I had hopes that PocoMail would have allowed me to return to the series but as you will read it didn’t.

First off the first impressions of the interface is not that bad but the problems start in the actual functionally… I set up my GMail as per the other app guide from Google to use imap and found that it was barely what could be called working (Works but not quite stable). Thinking I had set up something wrong I deleted the config files and started from scratch following a guide on the applications official site and had the same result.

For a test I set it up as pop to see if it was imap issue… that kinda worked better but it crashed in the middle of the middle download. After restarting the app the download seemed to continue with no flaw.

Over all the app is decent and for teh most part useable but there are enough flaws that keep me from going to it as my primary email client… I look forward to future app updates that may fix the issues and re-reviewing the app at that time.

This has been hard to write since it was my first non positive review and I hope my last.