Installing Mozilla Firefox 3.5 on Ubuntu 9.04

Since Mozilla just released Firefox 3.5 it may be a few days before Ubuntu officially has its branded version of it.

Here is how to install the downloaded version from the Mozilla site.

  1. Download “firefox-3.5.tar.bz3” from and open it
  2. Press “alt” + “f2” and enter “gksu nautilus” and navigate to “/opt”
  3. Extract the “firefox” folder contained within the archive to the “/opt” folder opened in the last step
  4. Delete the “plugins” folder
  5. Open “Terminal” from “Applications” > “Accessories”
  6. Type “cd /opt/firefox/”
  7. Type “sudo ln -s /usr/lib/firefox/plugins plugins” (It will ask for your password) and close the Terminal window
  8. Go “Prefrences” > “Main Menu”
  9. Select “Internet” Catagory
  10. Click “New Item”
  11. Enter “Firefox Web Browser (3.5)” as “Name”
  12. Enter “/opt/firefox/firefox %u” as “Command”
  13. Click on the “spring icon” in the upper right of the dialog and enter “/opt/firefox/icons” (You may have to clear out the box first) in the top bar
  14. Select “mozicon128.png” and press “Ok”
  15. Select “Close” on both windows
  16. You have now installed the latest and greatest Firefox 3.5 on your Ubuntu system 🙂