Hands On: Sylvania iPod Shuffle Clone

What is a iPod Shuffle that doesn’t shuffle? A iPod Shuffle Clone 🙂

Earlier on I have posted scans of a few iPod clones. This time around I got to try one my self (It was only $10). First off it looks overall quite impressive like a real iPod Shuffle 2nd gen other than the fact it uses B mini usb port, has different button style and the switch is on/off not shuffle.

First thing I noticed was that it has absolutely NO shuffle mode at all… making it pretty well useless for uses were you want random playback. Another sore spot for it is the battery life but that’s to be expected.

The sound quality was not that bad…. I tested with a set of THX test sounds that doubled as the copy to device test when i added them. The file copy of 18 128kbps cbr mp3 files too 54.4 seconds.

I’m glad it only cost $10…. I feel that it’s not worth much mor than that. Basically just because it looks like a iPod doesn’t mean its a iPod. The sad thing is i’ve seen scammers on ebay passing the clones off as real iPods and were not being stopped.

In the end ill still stick to my 2nd gen iPod Touch and 2nd Gen iPod Nano.

Here are some pictures:

Main Unit

Front Back Top

Cables & Headphones

USB Cable Headphones

User Manual

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