State of the Jailbreak: iPhone OS 3.0

Back in iPhone OS 2.2.1 I had my 2nd gen iPod Touch jailbroken and it had quite the impressive setup. I had background tasks, the iPhone style unified iPod icon, weather on the icon, and much much more.

With the release of redsn0w for for iPhone OS 3.0 (now a replacement for quickpwn) I decided to go over to it and see what worked from  my list… sadly many of the cool things don’t work such as:

  • Backgrounder (Background tasks)
  • MobileMusicPlayer Flip (Reverse how the media icons are)
  • WeatherIcon (Display temperature on weather icon)
  • Veency (VNC server)

Also since copy and paste was built in clippy was no longer needed.  There are other apps that work but are buggy those are:

  • MobileTerminal (Every unix system needs a terminal app)
  • Winterboard (Customize your springboard)

Mostly many of the other ones I tried worked fine here are those ones:

  • SBSettings (Addon that gives you float over app cool goodies)
  • MakeItMine (change carrier text)
  • ReflectiveDock (reflection on the bottom of the dock)
  • OpenSSH (SSH Server

Over all the transition to jailbroken 3.0 has worked good… im sure that most of the apps that are flakey/not working will be fixed.

That’s all for now 🙂


  1. That’s weird, since all those things you said didn’t work work on mine (except the icon set that makes the iPod functionality look like the iphone’s, I don’t use that). Haven’t tried MobileTerminal yet though.

  2. @Backlin Here is my results of my testing: Veency was flakey,backgrounder just plain crashed springboard on attempt to use,weather icon just showed a ?,MobileMusicPlayer Flip broke the ablity to search for music and start the playback from search view

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