iPhone OS 3.0 Mini Review


I’ve just recently upgraded my second gen iPod Touch to the newly released iPhone oS 3.0 and over all im finding it to be pretty solid upgrade. The search works good, Push notification is amazing since i was able to try it via the app TextFree.

Here are some of the basics about version 3.0:

  • Cut, Copy & Paste
  • Landscape view in most core apps (Including Keyboard)
  • MMS Support on (carriers that enable it)
  • Spotlight Search
  • Voice Memo
  • Add meetings via Exchange Activesync
  • subscribe to CalDAV Calendars
  • Faster more feature rich safari with autofill for passwords, user info and more
  • A2DP Bluetooth headset support
  • Notes Sync
  • Parental Control
  • iTunes Account creation/access on device
  • Shake to shuffle

And much much more…. that is just a basic overview of the features. Watch out for more posts that show in detail certain features.