Windows 64bit

Ever since I upgraded to 4gb ram I found that only 3.3gb showed.  I did research to see if it was possible to get the full 4gb to be useable in my 32bit Vista but most either gave snake oil or said it wasnt possible.

For the fun of it decided to borrow a 64bit vista dvd and try it out using the 30 day mode… I choose Ultimate for the test. Over all drivers were seamelss and my system had no yellow flagged devices. There are devices that I know will not work on here such as my old win2k era usb scanner, usb pvr and such.

Now back on topic… I did my usual tests on the resulting installed OS and found that its almost like its a whole new os. The vista 64bit performace is far better than the 32bit version has ever had.

I really think the time has come for people to embrace 64 bit windows if they got a modern vista machine since most of them got solid drivers. In fact many new machines are shipping with Vista 64bit now days.

All in all this test was worth it and I would consider buying Windows 7 64bit when it comes out.