My return to dual monitor

Long ago I use to run multi monitor on my system… but the main issue was my 2nd display was my tv and it was a pain to loose it when I wanted to watch tv so i went back to single. I toyed with many different configs even using my old 17″ crts but it didnt work out due to not being use to crts after years of use of a single lcd.

Another key reason of going single display was the fact my Acer machine (that replaced my old amd machine) only had single VGA out on its on board video. I upgraded this machine earlier on with 4gb ram and a Geforce 8400gs 256mb to enable me to multi task better.

Well today marked the my return to dual display with the addition of a 17″ LCD to my collection. Once you go dual display you never forget it even if you go single.

I don’t plan to go single display any time soon 🙂

Here is a shot of my setup:

Dual Display

Left: 17″ Acer X173w Right: 19″ Acer AL1916w