OEM Computers & Discs

There is one thing that annoys me worse than activation… That one thing is how many OEM computer makers DON’T include install/restore discs.

So far I got two machines that required burning of recovery media and didnt even include a real windows disc.  Restore discs are bad enough as it is but having to burn them your self is even worse.

Many people buy a new computer and use it without making the restore discs and when they get infected the trashed system is no longer capable of making the discs leaving them in a tough situation. In that case all the user can do is buy a windows disc or pay for the restore media from the OEM that built their machine. Often the OEM charges for the discs.

The most over looked issue also is that the don’t include windows install discs any more. That is a major issue since many of the OEM installs are unstable after you remove the crapware. Even more so you can’t use System File Checker if you don’t got a windows disc.

OEM machine builders should be charged for not including install/restore media since it should a crime to punish the users.

Anyway this rant is over and I better stop before I go to far 🙂