Custom Twhirl Scheme

Twhirl is a twitter client that has many features and has skin support. I recently found out that the twhirl twitter client uses xml files for its color schemes. For the fun of it I decided to make a color scheme that matched my site. If you feel adventurous and want to make your own just browse to the following folders on your respective os.

If you have never heard of twhirl grab your copy @ 🙂

Windows: C:\Program Files\twhirl\colorschemes
Mac: Right click, “Show Package Contents” then browse to “Resources/colorschemes”
Linux: /opt/twhirl/share/colorschemes (This may vary depending on where you opted to install twhirl to)

Pick your fav pre-installed color scheme and mod it to your liking.. be sure to change teh version info and the file name.

Anyway here is my custom one 🙂
Final version of my custom twhirl skin