Safari 4 Beta for Windows and Mac

Well it is that time again Apple has relased the Safari 4 beta For Mac OS X 10.4/10.5 and Windows XP/Vista (I’m sure it will work in Windows 7 Beta). This time around it brings a new javascript engine called Nitro that claims to be the fastest. Som more of the new features include: Coverflow in bookmarks manager, 3d style top sites view that shows sites that you view often, top title bar style tabs, and the most important of the features is os native themes (It now looks proper on windows). Yes all of that does sound much like Google Chrome (Except the coverflow bookmarks) but it is done its own style.

The bookmark manager stil exibits the same issues as the prvious versions… the issue is where sometimes titles are not imported right from firefox exported bookmarks.html. Bookmarks access is a pain for those who choose to hide the bookmarks bar due to the auto hide menu bar (Which you can set to always show). And if you hide the bookmarks bar you loose access to the Bookmarks and Top Sites buttons.

Over all it is a good browser but is not enough to get me to switch from my Chrome knock off Firefox setup. For those looking to try another browser you can check it out at apples site (

Safari 4 Beta for Windows - Classic Safari 4 Beta for Windows - Luna
Safari 4 Beta for Windows - Royale Safari 4 Beta for Windows - Aero Glass
Safari 4 Beta for mac - Leopard