Debian 5.0 Inital Thoughts

It has been two major versions since i have last used Debian this much… for the longest time have used more so windows and some Ubuntu. Now i think i will stick with Debian once again

Anyway I used the net install cd to install it… This version features the graphical install as a option (If it was in earlier ones please leave a comment) which makes install even easier than the old text mode installer. A few of the things that made ubuntu unique are now standard in Debian such as auto codec search when you try to play a format that doesn’t have a codec installed and the easy to use add/remove programs app.

Overall I find it to be pretty good and it probably will stay installed on this machine šŸ™‚ Grab your copy @

My test machineĀ  is:

CPU: AMD Sempron 2400+
RAM: 1.5gb
Hard Drive: 160gb
Video Card: Geforce 4 MX 4000 64mb

Below is a screenshot of my Debian 5.0 desktop (The theme is Nimbus I used the v. 0.1.2-2 files)
My Debian 5.0 desktop screenshot