Windows 7 Beta: More Thoughts

vista_7_1I have been using the Windows 7 Beta ever since it went live and over all I have been pretty impressed with it but lately some interesting bugs have annoyed me:

1. Explorer crashing alot

2. Every so often video driver crashes leaving me at 1024×768

3. UAC on the odd occasion has set res to 1024×768 and wont let me go back to 1440×900

Other than those it has worked great. The postives outweigh the negatives…. I im lost without the new taskbar style and how it handles resources far better than Vista.

Because of those im willing to face the risks of using a  beta os 🙂

If you must have 100% stablity id advice that you don’t use a beta os on a production machine… I take the risk of it because I like the new features and come on it runs far better than Vista .