Review: Sim City for iPhone (and iPod Touch)

Catagory: Games
Released: Dec 15, 2008
Seller: Electronic Arts
Version: 1.1.0
Price: $7.99

I have been a long time Sim City fan dating back many years.. when I had a chance to get the iPhone version for my iPod Touch. Overall the interface is easy to use and its quite impressive. As to be expecected the game is tough as usual. It does have the odd qwerk of crashing on the odd occasion even if you do the device reboot that they recommend.

The touch controls are nice… they transisioned over from the desktop versions quite nicely. There is even cheats input box if you shake the device 🙂

All in all this game is worth it for any Sim City fan… but beware due to its addicting nature it will hurt your battery life.

Check out the screenshots below or Buy your copy here 🙂