HanDBase Database Manager

Category: Productivity
Released: Dec 08, 2008
Seller: DDH Software, Inc
Version: 4.0.3
Price: $9.99

On my Palm Z22 i used a bundled copy of Mobile DB for tracking important info that was not fit for the memo app… but when I took my PDA use to my iPod Touch I was out of luck for a while until I was recently given a iTunes Gift card.

I decided to take a chance on the $9.99 HanDBase Database Manager since it was decent priced and looked simple enough to use… and its perfect for my needs. It even has desktop access built in via a temporary web server you get from tapping a icon on the main database list… you can download in pdb for csv and also upload in csv and pdb. Naturally since I don’t got any other apps that are compatable with their special file I choose to use csv for my transfer format.

In my exploring I found it to be simple to use and makes the iPod Touch a handy data entry device. Also i found another use for it…. a way to do memo/notes with desktop access. Just make a new database with the fields Name,Category (optional), and Note. Since its simple fields you can access it via a simple csv in a spreadsheet on your windows/mac desktop.

Overall this is a great database app and its a must for those who want on the go data management.

Check out the screenshots below or buy your copy here 🙂

HanDBase - Browser App
HanDBase - Splash HanDBase - Databases
HanDBase - About HanDBase - Desktop Connect
HanDBase - Database List Edit HanDBase - Catagories
HanDBase - Database Option Menu HanDBase - Database Items
HanDBase - Database Item HanDBase - Edit Database
HanDBase - Database name HanDBase - Database Fields
HanDBase - Edit Field HanDBase - Database Field Order
HanDBase - Database Views HanDBase - Database Security
HanDBase - Database author HanDBase - Database Startup