Review: air GOM – GOM player remote control

Catagory: Utilities
Released: Jan 24, 2009
Seller: Joon Don Lee
Version: 1.1
Price: $4.99

Being a long time user of GOM Player i had gotten the light version of this application last year for free as part of a limited time free offer… so when I had money on my iTunes account I jumped at the chance to buy the full version of the app and it was fully worth it. The desktop side server software is simple and to the point but it tends to forget custom port number if you enter one.

Overall the app is pretty good for using GOM player as my media center setup… one annoyance is that they chose to do their own keyboard vs using the built in keyboard that the iphone sdk allows for.

The app is more than worth it if you rely on GOM player on a tv setup… despite how the app looks its a nice all in one slolution that I fully recomend it.

Look at the screenshots below or buy your copy here 🙂

air GOM Server v1.1
airGOM - Loading
airGOM - Connect
airGOM - Player Controls
airGOM - TouchPad
airGOM - Keyboard