Windows 7: Legacy Hardware Test

As part of my Windows 7 I loaded it on my old IBM IntelliStation E Pro.


  • Cpu: Intel pIII 1ghz
  • Memory: 640mb
  • Hard Drive: 40gb Maxtor
  • Video Card: IBM oem Nvidia Geforce 4

The install went pretty well no crashes during install. Afterwards I dug around on the IBM site to get a sound driver but found that ibm didnt list a xp driver for the onboard sound… so i ended up using a win2k driver but it works. It defaulted to default vga driver and we all know how bad the generic vga driver is so i force installed the xp driver but as expected it has side effects… eg media player causes bsod when trying to play video.

It idles around 3% cpu use and 35% ram use after bootup and thats not bad considering the age of the machine. I seriously wouldn’t use Windows 7 or Vista on this machine due to its age but it sure shows that Microsoft has done some work to make it work better on older macines provided you can get legacy hardware working.

If anyone else tries simular tests please post your results in the comments for this blog post id be happy to see what others get on their old machines.

Here is the screenshot of it idle after boot….

Windows 7 Beta on pIII 1ghz

Thats all for now…. check back later for more Win7 Stuff 🙂