Open Apple

There are many people who claim apple hardware is propriatary and closed…. That is far from the truth. In fact even in the PPC days apple was open you could download darwin (Open Source Mac OS X) and install it on a a intel or ppc machine. With the switch to the intel platform many still believe that… If it was such a close proprietary system why would it use the same hardware as most generic pcs?

Lets first look at the apple branded driver sets:

Bluetooth Enabler Installer, Bluetooth Installer, Composite Uninstaller, iSight Installer, Keyboard Installer, Null Driver, Remote Installer, Trackpad Installer. Those are pretty self explanitary but here is where it gets interesting.

Generic Hardware Drivers:

Note: These are all relative path based on the drive letter that windows assigns to to the windows side of the Mac OS X  10.5 disc.

\Drivers\Atheros: Atheros Wifi Driver

\Drivers\Intel\Ethernet: Intel PRO100 / PRO1000 Lan Drivers

\Drivers\Marvell: Marvell Yukon Ethernet Controller

\Drivers\BroadcomInstaller.exe: Broadcom BCM43XX Wifi Driver

\Drivers\MotorolaSetup.exe: Motorola SM56 USB Data Fax Modem (Apple USB Modem)

\Drivers\ATI: Ati Display Driver

\Drivers\NVidia: NVidia Display Driver

\Drivers\Intel\Graphics: Intel GMA Driver

\Drivers\IDT SigmaTel: SigmaTel Intigrated HD Audio

\Drivers\RealTekSetup.exe: Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

\Drivers\Intel\Chipset: Intel Chipset Driver

As you can see a large chunk of the hardware in a intel mac is standard common parts… even the usb modem is generic.