Windows 7 – Initial Thoughts

I have been using Windows 7 build 7000 ever since the beta was released (ok and a few weeks before) and overall i have found it be quite stable…. If i might say so it feels more stable than Vista was at launch.

Overall the core seems a lot more responsive and  many of my annoyances I had in vista seem to be gone/less annoying.  They have made the desktop context menu more usable also… screen resolution is now separate menu item instead of part of personalize. Also gadgets are now integrated into explorer instead of external sidebar application.

One of the most important changes is the new taskbar… It combines quicklaunch and taskbar in one with a nice easy to use “superbar”. But dont worry you can make the taskbar more vista like by setting tasbar buttons to never combine and adding a new toolbar from folder to simulate the old quicklaunch.

Also the new Aero interface enhancements are handy. First off Aero Peek which lets you hover on a taskbar thumbnail and see just that window in a full scale preview of that app. Next is Aero shake now this one is hit and miss some people like it and some others…. personally its ok but usable. The last is Aero Snap which lets you easily snap a window to left half,right half, or full screen just by dragging the window to the respective left,right,or top of screen.

When Windows 7 ships it will be worth it for anyone using vista but if you are on xp odds are vista/win7 wont run as good.

Anyway here is a screenshot of my current Desktop 🙂

Windows 7 Desktop