Spammers & StreamDesk

There is one thing that has gotten worse over time… SPAM. Spam in email,forums,blog comments,link backs,web forms,news groups and many other places. Nothing worse than waking up to spam on your site/service of choice.

For me it is worse…. Due to spammers I have been forced to take the auto posting of StreamDesk requests to the pending requests page. I can’t be a portal for spammers to abuse… im not doing a service to my adsense, users, & anyone who visits site if i allow the asses to post their crap to the pending request page.

Until further notice ALL requests to Streamdesk will have to be appproved by me in order to be posted on the site… If you dont like this support your local spam legistation or any other anti spammer services near you. Don’t blame me for this…. I didn’t want to do this but i had no choice.