LCD Mod… Keeping my first lcd alive

My first lcd i owned that was bought in 2006 died on me last year… it has been lying around getting in my way for a while. I eventually tore it apart and it stayed in a garbage bag for a few days and eventually i got the idea of turning it onto a geeky lamp. I worked at getting it all together (without the lcd panel) and ended up with a working white light flat panel lamp.

But as it stands i have one major issue that’s holding me back… If it doesn’t detect signal it auto goes to power save mode. I need to dummy load the vga connector to make it keep the backlight on. From my research its not a hard task to do either… I found this guide online (VGA Dummy) and im gonna use that to make the adapter i need.

Anyway that’s all for now on this prioject… check out the pictures below 🙂 .


LCD Mod - Pre-Mod symptoms
Pre-Mod symptoms…. Belive it or not thats supposed to be the power on acer logo.
LCD Mod - Off
LCD Mod - On