uStream Mobile – Initial Thoughts

uStream just released their iPhone (iPod Touch too) version of their streaming service. Of course its view only but it allows for the user to chat. The interface is simple and easy to use and works as it claims. But beware it is as crashy as hell right now… from viewing stream,logging into chat, chatting it randomly crashed on me. I’m sure they will fix that with a update. Over all this is a decent first gen app of its type.

Edit: Modified title to reflect that its Initial Thoughts not final review.

uStream - Splash Screen uStream - Live -> Top Live uStream - Live -> Featured
Splash Screen Live -> Top Live Live -> Featured
uStream - Live -> All Live uStream - Upcoming -> Featured uStream - Upcoming -> All Events
Live -> All Live Upcoming -> Featured Upcoming -> All Events
uStream - Archived -> Featured uStream - Archived -> Most Viewed uStream - Search
Archived -> Featured Archived -> Most Viewed Search
uStream - Recorded Video uStream - Buffering uStream - Logon (For Chat)
Recorded Video Buffering Logon (For Chat)
uStream - Stream -> Portrait uStream - Stream -> Landscape
Stream -> Portrait Stream -> Landscape
uStream - Stream -> Chat Portrait uStream - Stream -> Chat Landscape
Stream -> Chat Portrait Stream -> Chat Landscape
uStream - Chris Pirillo Live

Grab your copy the itunes store


  1. Well … I thought you did a review … maybe it was too early. Nice screenshots! You should have mentioned at least a few drawbacks, aside from frequent crashing:

    – there is no way that I could find to save a channel for quick later retrieval, like favorites or a playlist, etc.
    – a search for inauguration came up with – nothing …
    – navigation of channel lists is very cumbersome if the channel starts with anything beyond a number or an A, this should be broken down into easier groups.

  2. It was a initial review…. i forgot to put that in the title. Don’t worry people will read you comment and see that info 🙂

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