Mobile Colloquy is LIVE!!!!!

Mobile Colloquy icon largeThe wait is now over… Mobile Colloquy has now launched for iPhone and iPod Touch running firmware 2.1 or higher.  You may now buy your copy for $1.99 (Support the developers after all they put lots of work into this great app).

Here is a paragraph from my review post i wrote earlier (Read review post with screenshots).

Mobile Colloquy is a pretty solid feature complete IRC client for iPhone OS 2.1 or newer. The interface is simple to use and is easy on the eye. It features : Visual styles just like the desktop version, mIRC colors/formatting support, graphical emoticons provided  you are running iPhone OS 2.2,multi network support,auto ident to nickserv, easy to understand error messages,auto joins,secure SSL connections, room & text encoding, and much more. Based on what it provides id say its fully worth it 🙂 .

You can check it out @